Smart IOT solutions for your enterprise

We collect information from a large variety of easily deployed sensors, process it in our state-of-the-art software and generate actionable business insights.
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Facility Management

Trekeye’s IoT micro-location platform helps facilities save time and money, enabling them to provide better service to their tenants.
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Health Care

Trekeye’s IoT micro-location platform helps healthcare facilities save time and money, enabling them to provide better service to their patients.

Deployment of our system is fast, clean and does not rely on existing infrastructures.
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Trekeye’s IoT micro-location platform is designed to accurately locate physical assets in complex environments, typical in the industrial world. 

Our proprietary architecture offers optimized solution intended for large spaces, with multitude of metallic objects in an environment that is constantly changing.

Tailored Solution

Our vast experience, in Internet of Things and Real Time Location Systems, assists us in finding solutions to your business challenges. Our platform is built to be agile, modular and support all sorts of use cases, by plugging and playing different building blocks that
comprise it.

Please contact our product experts and we will help you achieve your business goal by designing the solution that best meets your needs.


Our mission is to help customers from traditional industries connect to the fourth industrial revolution. Trekeye improves business processes and productivity by utilizing IoT sensors, a proprietary collection mechanism and state of the art software.

Trekeye was founded by entrepreneurs with vast experience in the fields of Distributed Cloud Architecture, Big Data analytics and Enterprise solution.  Our team of experts consist of business leaders, bringing decades of industry specific knowhow.

Since its inception the company has been providing solutions in various verticals such as manufacturing plants, hospitals and facility management.

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